It’s not what you do It’s how you do it. The planet is in crisis and if you are passionate about the built environment and all things that contribute to it then we have to be able to challenge the norms and do things differently. Even if it comes at a slight premium. This is all our responsibilities.


Within the living space we are often charged with high volume and low value products to ensure the rental model stacks up.  We understand that economics plays a part which is why we have scoured the lands for suppliers who will support us in our pursuit of net zero and provide us with science based data, audit trails and chain of custody so we can ensure our accountability.

We are big on calling out market fallacies and those whom pay lip service to a notion! It’s about asking the tough questions:

Being bold when it comes to saving this planet is centric to our approach and we encourage our clients to come on this journey with us

Committed to net-zero

We recognise the living interiors environment has a way to go to get here but we are able to offset each and every proposal to present a net zero approach as standard.  Our long-term aim is to design out these carbon emissions at an earlier stage through improved chain of custody and science backed information.

Cast Living are members of the UK Green Building Council and have committed through the UK SME Climate Hub to take positive action towards cutting carbon emissions and protecting the planet.