Our Looks

We have carefully curated several interior look books which reflect current trends. The collection aims to inspire both clients and tenants alike, catering to every taste from mid-century classic to the contemporary minimalist. Every look book is lovingly named after a city that inspired the concept.


Our Malibu lookbook is inspired by the crisp interiors of airy beach side retreats. The palette is largely neutral, introducing elegance through the modern lines and curves of the furniture and accessories. Interest is created through the texture and pattern of the carefully selected fabrics. The Cast Malibu look is classified as the urban retreat – a bright and calming sanctuary for tenants to return to, from the hustle and bustle of City life.


Our Tribeca lookbook is the rebel of the collection, inspired by industrial loft conversions. The palette utilises materials in their raw form, celebrating the aesthetic in industrial purity. The palette is the darkest in the collection, utilising steel, iron, and copper finishes. This look book is cool, honest, and effortless, making clever use of material layering to create a moody and bold look.  


Our Malmo lookbook is for the modernists and celebrates the aesthetic of simplicity. Malmo utilises soft and neutral timber finishes, creating interest through texture and layering of similar tones. As the most bohemian of the looks, Malmo draws upon the natural visual textures in bamboo, linen, and rattan to elevate the neutral palette. As an elegant blank canvas, this is the perfect look to inspire tenants who wish to accessories the space with their own personal finishing touches.


Our Rotterdam lookbook is for those who dare to be bold and embrace colour in design. Inspired by the confidence of Art Deco interiors, this look is unashamedly textured, bright, and playful. In this concept, the furniture speaks for itself with its robust and strong presence. Rich timbers, coloured panels and quirky metal work define the look giving it a fun 70s feel. Rotterdam pieces never go out of style and can be incorporated into almost any scheme that requires some flair.


Our Vienna lookbook is inspired by grandeur and intricate detail. The concept marries old buildings with modern interior design – a charming combination found often in residential schemes. The look is characterised by rich textures including velvet, tweed, and leather combined with ornate details brought through lighting, cornice, and cabinetry. This concept is chic and timeless, with a modern flair introduced through mid-century richness and colour.