About Us

We are a unique and contemporary style of interior design and furniture supplier supporting funds and developers in the living sector. The Living assets we focus on include BTR, Co-Living, Serviced Apartments, Later Living, Student Housing, Residential and Healthcare.


Our founders combined backgrounds in Residential Capital Markets and Interior Design ensure our schemes exceed residents’ expectations whilst optimising investors long term net returns. Our ability to deliver aspirational schemes on time and on budget allows funds to feel confident about the launch of their new developments and the on-going FF+E management. 

Cast Living and the wider Cast Group are committed to the future. We focus on innovative sustainable methods to meet both our own and our clients’ goals.


Each one of our schemes is different and we treat them so. There is not a one-fits-all formula that we apply. We question who will live there, what do they stand for and what do they care about? Once we understand a building’s identity, we start the design process.

We create homes that evoke emotion, design spaces that make life simpler for everyday living and create furniture packs with the environment in mind.

The way we live has changed and so has what we expect from our home. Each space must serve a purpose whilst functionality and durability remain at the forefront of everything we specify.

Our values

We recognise the living interiors environment has a way to go to get here but we are able to offset each and every proposal to present a net zero approach as standard.  Our long-term aim is to design out these carbon emissions at an earlier stage through improved chain of custody and science backed information.

Cast Living are members of the UK Green Building Council and have committed through the UK SME Climate Hub to take positive action towards cutting carbon emissions and protecting the planet.


It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it! We are on a net zero carbon mission which is no mean feat in a typically high-volume, competitive market. It requires a niche knowledge and accountability to do things differently. We welcome this challenge and thus currently believe we are one of the only furniture companies in the market who are net zero carbon.

Being sustainable requires provision of quality products that last. We are confident in our supply chain and offer an unequivocal 5 year warranty on all our items. Whats more, we will sustainably dispose of any item purchased from us that requires a replacement. We are committed to the circular economy and avoiding landfill at all costs!

Data is king in the modern world. By asset tagging every one of our installations we provide accurate asset schedules along with operation and maintenance manuals for transparent information at the end of your digital fingertips!


Each resident is unique. Through appropriate tailoring of our services we can guarantee that added end user edge when it comes to furnishing second and third bedrooms.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. We  like to work collaboratively with our clients. We offer grace periods to store furniture for a reasonable period to help support your overall goals.


For us it is so much more than just furniture. We are committed to tapping into the psyche of the modern resident to understand exactly how they interact with their space and moreover contribute to building our local communities.

We are never done! We will always be on a journey of improvement and we throw ourselves into that through our clients schemes always looking for that never trodden path. Challenge us to think differently for you!